Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Quite Interesting Statistics

A regular reader of the QI Blog, Scott Vaughan, has sent me some interesting statistics for the scores by QI's guests. I thought I would share them with you (they're based on all of the episodes up to the end of the D series).

It won't surprise you who has the worst scores on QI. Alan Davies holds the 5 lowest points scores ever. These range from -144 points in D07 to -64 points in D12. Nor will it shock you that Alan has the lowest average score of any guest who has appeared more than 4 times. At -23.3 points, Alan's average is far below the -6.9 of Jo Brand.

Then again, only Rich Hall and Clive Anderson have won more episodes than Alan. He succeeded in A10, D06, and D09 where a mistake by Stephen gave Alan his highest score of 54 points (enough to get into the top 5) although he would have won anyway.

So who is the king, or queen, of QI? Well Helen Atkinson-Wood must be the queen having scored the most points of any guest, 200 in C09. The king's crown must go to Jeremy Hardy who scored an average of 11.3 points, the most of guest to make 4 appearances. His two princes, Rich Hall and Sean Lock are the only other panellists with a points average greater than 1 who have appeared in more than 4 shows.

You can see the statistics in greater detail right here. Meanwhile, although I haven't been posting the scores in the reviews, I can tell you that some shows have produced some very interesting results, especially with more audience participation. We'll have to wait and see what makes the final cut before the statistics can be updated.

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