Sunday, 17 June 2007

QI E12 Recording Review

*This is episode E12 in the Autumn transmission order.

The last recording
of QI series E was a brilliant end to the series with some excellent laughs. I'm now upset that I must wait so long for my fix of QI.

The wrap party would follow the episode, so it was no surprise that there were a lot of production guests. Consequently fewer people from the queue got into the studio and I'm sure that a large number were turned away. Sadly these people will have to wait until the next series to see the show.

Stephen Grant's performance was the best of the series. Some wardrobe issues meant that his warm up was the longest so far. This forced him to move on from his usual routine and to pick on members of the audience. After finding a Jordanian and a 'spy' (the connection was obvious but well executed) he asked for questions from the audience. A lady sat at the back pointed out that Santa was in the audience. I don't know if Stephen already knew this but that person was John Mitchinson's father (I was very fortunate to be briefly introduced before the start). For those that don't know, John Mitchinson is a writer and researcher for the show, as well as co-author for the two QI books of ignorance. The fact that it was a member of the audience who pointed out Mr Mitchinson's resemblance to a white bearded gift distributor probably saved Stephen's bacon. Perhaps for the next series he might find it a good idea to avoid people sat in production guest seats.

On with the spoilers below. Highlight the first paragraph for details of guests, the second for the theme and the last for the questions in the show.

The guests were Sean Lock, Bill Bailey and Jo Brand. Everyone performed well in this episode and Bill did some of his excellent character acting. Sean and Bill had a little banter about their receding hairlines!

The theme of this episode was Empire. This episode was also the Christmas special so the set was decorated appropriately. Each of the guests was dressed in suitable Victorian dress. Fry came onto the set as Oscar Wilde (complete with wig). Sean Lock was dressed as a soldier (based on someone in particular according to Fry but I didn't catch the name). Bill Bailey was dressed as a plantation owner and Jo Brand was dressed as Queen Victoria (she pulled off the look very well). Young Alan was dressed as an Indian Raja, complete with turban.

The subjects discussed were; Mr Bean, Clothes, Victoria's Secret, Erotica (Bottoms), George Tryon, Enquire Within Upon Everything, Boots (research supplied by Rebecca Shawcross, sorry if I got your name wrong), Shoes, Indigenous Japanese, Chinese Funerals, Christmas Inventor, Pianos, Lesbianism, Winterval and Presents.

The show was one of the best in the series with some really hilarious moments. After the pick up the panellists joined around Stephen (as after every recording) and they had their pictures taken. They started joking around and so no one got up and left. Eventually everyone began looking around trying to work out if we were supposed to leave (the large number of production guests didn't help because they are required to remain seated after the show) until someone finally decided to leave. A very surreal moment! However, anyone that did go then will have missed their chance to join in with the QI Vodcast. The entire production staff joined with Stephen and did the "Welcome to the QI Vodcast" in a Christmas pantomime style with the audience delivering an "Oh no it isn't". OK, you didn't miss much if you went early but it was a nice way to end the series.

Apologies for the delay to posting my review. I will be back in the week to bring a review of the entire series. I'll also be trying to dig out a poll for you lot to decide which was your favourite recording. Oh and don't start thinking that because there aren't anymore recording reviews there wont be anything for me to blog about. I'll find something soon :-)

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