Saturday, 9 June 2007

QI E10 Recording Review

*This is episode E05 in the Autumn transmission order.

The 10th Recording
leaves us with only the final week to go. I'll miss going to these recordings for the next year.

Before entering the studio I found out that there were 113 production guests seated in the studio. They made up more than a fifth of the audience. As a consequence fewer than normal people with normal tickets got into the recording. It doesn't help that there was quite a long priority queue today. I suspect that applause store have been handing out priority tickets to people that have missed previous recordings (as they will often do if you call them and explain your disappointment).

Next Friday the show will be followed by the wrap party which means there will be a lot more production guests filling the studio and probably plenty of priority ticket holders too. That means fewer people with standard tickets will get in so you will need to arrive earlier to get in.

Stephen Grant's warm up was masterful. There were some French visitors in the audience for the first time which unleashed Stephen's best work of the series. After next week we'll have to pay to see him do his stand up!

As always the spoilers are whited out below. Highlight the first paragraph to find out the guests and the second paragraph to see what was in the show.

The guests were Cilve Anderson, Vic Reeves and Jeremy Clarkson. It's Clarkson's first show this series and it was good to see him back. Stephen introduced Vic Reeves by saying that it was his 3rd show. Vic corrected him by saying it was his 5th show. Neither of them is right, it is Vic's 4th episode of QI. Jeremy Clarkson does an excellent impression of an American accent!

The theme
of the evening was everything (which seemed to mean anything beginning with E). The subjects included; a Molecule, No Es, Ebay, Explosions, Goats, Lumberjacks, Coney Island, Aliens, Sleep, Multiple Choice, Mountains, Dust, Pearls, the King's Shilling and Desert Colours.

Stephen Fry revealed that he is one of only 5 people in the world to know the ending of the final Harry Potter book. Since he has done the audio book it was necessary for him to know the ending. J K Rowling can rest assured that Stephen did not break his confidentiality agreement.

The QI Vodcast intro and outro was done by all of the guests, Alan and Stephen, although Jeremy Clarkson did his best to ruin the proceedings. The Recording finished very late last night and since it was 21:50 before I left the studio.

Once again a big thanks to U-Girl, this time for bringing some exquisite chocolate and raspberry brownies.

Andrew will be reviewing next Thursday's show and I will be going to the last recording. It's just dawned on me that I'm going to have to find something else to talk about until September/October.


MinervaMoon said...

113 production guests?! Where did they come from?

Does Jeremy Clarkson do a good American accent or is he just convincing you all that he is when actually he's spouting Orlando-Bloom-in-Elizabethtown? Or even worse, the southern dandy accent brought about by overcompensating with the r's?

Stephen knows how Harry Potter ends! Oh, I'm jealous.

"intro and outro" - Oh, I love that song.

QI Fanatic said...

Production guests, as you know, come through the front door. How they managed to fit them all in the green room I don't know. They might have moved into a larger room.

I believe he was specifically impersonating a Californian customs officer. Supposedly in the last 6 months their employees have been told to be "nicer".

MinervaMoon said...

I mean, though, whose guests were they? 113 people is a lot of guests!

QI Fanatic said...

There are a lot of people that work on QI from the door staff, to the cameramen and the makeup artists, to the elves, producers and panelists and I'm guessing all of them get their allocation of guests seats. I'm also guessing that they prefer to use them towards the end of the series or when there a particularly good list of panelists.

Difool said...

Well 15 of the production guests was from the Douglas Adams Continuum.

PS. Glad to see you made to a show MinervaMoon