Tuesday, 26 June 2007

QI Book Releases 2007 Update

Both of this autumn's book releases are now available on Amazon.co.uk for pre-order. You can get order The Book of Animal Ignorance here and the QI Annual 2008 here.

In my last post about the QI book I posted the picture that would be used for the front cover of the BoAI. This has now been revised so I've posted a new picture at the top of this post. I've also added the front cover for the US edition of the BoGI which you can order from amazon.com here.

The books will be released on the following dates (I've also added them to the sidebar of the blog for future reference):

The Book of General Ignorance (US Edition): 7th August 2007
The Book of Animal Ignorance (UK): 4th October 2007
The QI Annual 2008 (UK): 1st November 2007

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