Friday, 7 September 2007

Series "E" Transmission Dates

Mark those calendars: Series "E" of QI will begin airing on 21 September at 10:00 pm on BBC 2!

There will be 13 episodes: 12 recorded shows and one compilation. According to Piers Fletcher, of (among other claims) a-post-on-this-blog-a-couple-of-days-ago fame:

The 13th (compilation) show features all unbroadcast material taken from the other 12, but I don't think you could describe it as coming from the cutting-room floor because that implies that it's stuff that didn't make the cut, whereas the opposite is the case: we've loaded it up with some of the best material, especially the bits where Stephen loses control.
Order of transmission:
  1. Engineering
    Bill Bailey, Rob Brydon, Jimmy Carr, and Alan Davies
  2. Electricity
    Jo Brand, Rich Hall, Sean Lock, and Alan Davies
  3. Eating
    Jimmy Carr, Phill Jupitus, Johnny Vegas, and Alan Davies
  4. Exploration
    Bill Bailey, Rich Hall, Sean Lock, and Alan Davies
  5. Everything
    Clive Anderson, Jeremy Clarkson, Vic Reeves, and Alan Davies
  6. Europe
    Phill Jupitus, David Mitchell, Dara Ó Briain, and Alan Davies
  7. Espionage
    Clive Anderson, Jo Brand, Vic Reeves, and Alan Davies
  8. Eyes & Ears
    Jimmy Carr, David Mitchell, Phill Jupitus, and Alan Davies
  9. Entertainment - Children in Need special
    Bill Bailey, Pudsey Bear, Jo Brand, Jeremy Clarkson, and Alan Davies
  10. England
    Charlie Higson, Phill Jupitus, Sean Lock, and Alan Davies
  11. Endings
    Jimmy Carr, Doon Mackichan, Dara Ó Briain, and Alan Davies
  12. Empire
    Bill Bailey, Jo Brand, Sean Lock, and Alan Davies
  13. Elephants
    All the best bits that couldn’t be squeezed into the E series (without any elephants).
There will also be BBC-style video podcasts to accompany many of the episodes, so watch this space for news on where to find and watch them.

The TV listings at the bottom of this page have now been updated to include the expected transmission dates for the E series. E series reviews have been updated to include their new episode number.

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