Monday, 3 September 2007

E Series and Stateside

Two pieces of great news to report this evening. The first is that QI series E will start on Friday the 21st September on BBC2. The first episode will be Engineering. This was the 4th episode to be recorded and you can see the review here.

The second piece of good news is that The Book of General Ignorance, released in the US on the 7th August, is selling very well. It is now in the top 100 books on the bestsellers list. If you are in the US you can buy it here. It recently received a very good review in the NY Times. Obviously we can only hope that this will translate into more progress for the QI Petition.

Finally, this is the 99th post on this blog. When I wrote the 50th I promised something special for the 100th and I wont disappoint. On Wednesday I will be posting an exclusive look behind the scenes at the post-production process for the show as written by head elf Piers Fletcher.

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