Friday, 21 September 2007

New Cover for the QI Annual

Similarly to TBOAI, the first cover that I posted for the Annual was only a draft. This one is the real deal. It draws heavily on the style of the Dandy.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it's more like The Beano - Alan is Dennis the Menace, Stephen is Teacher, and the rest are The Bash Street Kids. Wonder who animated it, and why did they leave out Johnny Sessions?

Thigh fetishist said...

> why did they leave out Johnny Sessions?

If not he, then who is perched upon Stephen's most fragrant right thigh?

QI Fanatic said...

The people on the cover are (from left to right):

(starting with the back 3):

Sean Lock, Vic Reeves and Phill Jupitus

(next row):

Bill Bailey, Stephen Fry, Arthur Smith and Rob Brydon

(immediately in front of Stephen):

Dara O Briain and Clive Anderson

(front row):

Alan Davies, Rich Hall, David Mitchell and Jo Brand.

Jimmy Carr is in Alan's apple (not adam's apple, that's something else entirely).