Friday, 3 August 2007

"QI" in America Petition!

Hello, quite interesting readers,

This is Sarah, your American correspondent and resident transcriber; more commonly known, on various online fora, as MinervaMoon.

You may remember the success of the QI DVD petition, which got the first series of QI released on DVD only a few months after it was started.

It is with great hope and pleasure, therefore, that QI Fanatic and I to present you with:
The "QI" in America Petition!

Please do sign: It's going to take an extraordinary number of signatures--more than that of the DVD petition--to convince BBC America to pick up the show. If you can take the time to fill in a comment, that would be marvelously helpful.

I've set up a homepage for the petition here. I'll be tracking the progress of the petition there, and when necessary, update with relevant news on the venture.

Thanks to everyone for signing, and fingers crossed for success. The above picture is not me, by the way, but someone far more relevant (and far taller). x


windycorner said...

Great idea! I've written BBC America about putting Qi on before with no response. As many who can should comment on Youtube Qi episodes about the petition. We need to drive those numbers up.

Huzlinefan said...

How about a petition to get PBS to show Qi? Not everyone has cable, and even some who do don't get BBC America.