Friday, 18 May 2007

QI E03 Recording Review

*This is episode E11 in the Autumn transmission order.

Episode 3
means we are a quarter of the way into the series. This episode was excellent (for more reasons than one, which I will come to later).

Once again we entered through the back entrance. I suspect that this will be the case on every Thursday when HIGNFY is recorded. I arrived earlier this week so that I could be right at the front. That meant that I was in the first row (with plenty of leg room) so I also managed a quick chat with Stephen Grant and Flash (one of the elves). Once again a huge number of people were turned away.

James, also known as Eggshaped who did the post earlier in the week, was not having a good time with the screens. That may have been punishment for being a little naughty with one of his "factoids" (I'll come to this again in the spoilers section). One assumes that it was the third occasion that he had spelt Kendal as Kendle.

Stephen Grant did another great warm up last night. Yet again he was aided by the presence of an American and someone with a rather peculiar laugh/cackle. Next week Stephen is doing stand up in Brighton so he wont be available for the two recordings next week. Tonight will be his last recoding until E07 (assuming that other engagements don't prevent his return).

Now it's time for the spoilers. Once again it has all be whited out so speed to the end if you think these details will ruin the show for you. Highlight the text below if you want to read it. Please note that in this week's review I discuss some parts of the show in far greater detail than last week. The first paragraph only contains details of the guests.

The guests were Dara O'Briain, Doon Mackichan and Jimmy Carr. Dara and Jimmy were firing on all cylinders (as was Alan, like always). I personally didn't feel like Doon performed as well as the others. However, these things always change when the show has been cut down for broadcast.

The theme of the evening was Endings and the subjects that I can remember were Grant, Trees, Great Yarmouth, Trains, an Island, 4 Minutes and Poles. However, I was very pleased to see not one, but two subjects that I had previously researched on the forum come up on the show. I've never seen a subject of mine in a series (I only joined the forum 5 months before the last series was recorded) so it was a pleasant surprise.
The two subjects were the Southern Pole of Inaccessibility (link) and the shooting of "cowards" in WWI (link). There was also a special member of the audience although I wont say who. The second of the two, being such a morbid topic, may not make it past the cut because there were few laughs. Still, it remains a good piece of GI.

James was a little naughty when he was writing the factoids on the screens before the start of the show. He added the factoid that Edison's last breath is stored in a test tube at Henry Ford Museum. Flash even came down to meet us and point the fact out. We should have guessed. The factoid was of course false and when the audience gave the answer, we were duly klaxoned.

The recording was brilliant. It was great to meet up with some friends and have such a fun time. I simply can't wait for tonight. Of course I shall add the review as early tomorrow as possible.


Anonymous said...

Yes, she didn't seem to be as quick-witted as the others, but then that's hardly surprising when you're up against those two. Actually, my dad thought that Alan didn't really do that much - I told him that him being a bit silly is part of the charm!

katie said...

jimmy carr was the star for me, he was excellent. i thought alan was surprisingly quiet, too.