Saturday, 12 May 2007

QI E02 Recording Review

*This is Episode E04 in the Autumn transmission order.

Recording 2 of 12 of Series E took place yesterday evening at The London Studios near Waterloo and it was even better than the first one! Once again the queue was huge (even though the weather in London was quite cold and wet!) and was snaking round the corner by 17:15 (90mins before doors opening time!). I would have to assume that some people got turned away again although I have no figures today as it wasn't mentioned...

Further to 's comments yesterday regarding the 'new arrangements' for entry I would like to add that it is quite normal to go in either entrance and even if entering by the door near the toilets I would always recommend getting your seat before using the toilets - wouldn't it be awful if you thought you were in only to find that by the time you got to the studio it was full?!

Eggshaped's factoids before the start of the recording were once again brilliant. He kindly added a message to wish JoM's fiancée a happy birthday.

No QI tattoos were revealed last night however there were 4 members of the Alan Davies Appreciation Society who had to make sure that they sat in the right order due to their t-shirts having "Alan", "Davies", "Appreciation" and "Society" on the fronts!

Once again the brilliant Stephen Grant was there to warm us all up - he should be there for most of the series - good stuff!

[any large gaps below are due to the text potentially being considered a 'spoiler' - please use your mouse to highlight those areas to make them visible]

Now for a brief mention of the actual recording period which was significantly shorter than the recording 1...finished around 21:10 and even though I had to wait for almost everyone else to leave before getting out I was on my way to Waterloo by just after 21:20 which was over 20mins earlier. The guests were Sean Lock, Rich Hall and Bill Bailey and the theme of the show was exploration - the host and guests were even dressed appropriately for jungles anyway!!

I'm sure most of the audience will agree that barring the 'space porn' miming hilarity that took place the star of the show was the manikin bird however you'll have to wait a few months until the show is broadcast before you see what that's all about!

I believe QI Fanatic is going to the next 2 shows so I'll leave this blogging business to him for them however I'm sure I'll be back in due course!


QI Fanatic said...

Thanks for the review Andrew, we should hopefully hear from you again the week after next.

Andrew said...

Yeah - and maybe my review will go unedited next time :-p

katie said...

eek, i can only get there at 5 due to work, i hope we get in.

QI Fanatic said...

5:00 should get you in, although probably not on the lower tier or in the centre.