Sunday, 4 March 2007

Rolling News Review

2 months ago QI started its Rolling News feature. The newshounds have been hunting down the most interesting stories from across the Internet and here are the best ones that we have found so far:

Kite Ban Lifted - Grizzly

The world's most dangerous sport - kite flying makes a return in Pakistan. An update of the festival in February here.

Grumpy Bears Stay Up Too Late - Frederick the Monk

We've covered lots of weather stories this winter, many caused by this year's El Nino. Russia's warm winter has even stopped the bears going to bed.

Here be Dragons (in Chester) - Eggshaped

The virgin birth at Chester Zoo.

Craggy Island Football Championship - Dr. Bob

Fans of TV show "Father Ted" invent an interesting solution to a dispute between remote islands.

Frangland - Grizzly

In January we discovered how close France and the UK came to a union, for the second time.

Don't buy Blu-ray if you want to watch porn - Dr. Bob

One pastime that could yet again determine the outcome of the format wars.

Canni-balls - Eggshaped


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