Sunday, 15 November 2009


QI's researcher James Harkin (aka Eggshaped) is going where no elf has gone before; on a round the world trip to find interesting facts for the H series. His itinerary includes Hungary, Hispaniola, Hawaii, Hong Kong & The Himalayas. You can keep up to date with his journey via his new blog: He would also welcome any suggestions for interesting locations to investigate so feel free to comment on his posts.


Jaz said...

why was there a fifth panelist on an episode of this series? i never heard of him before and it seems a bit silly to have him on when the writers could just put him on another show.

A T said...

That was (American) John Hodgman and he was fitted in at the last moment during a short trip to London. He's really quite a funny guy, I recommend his book "The Areas of My Expertise".

Anonymous said...

mmm might be late, but house wife tales.... things like - eat carrots to give you night vision - where wife tails came about.