Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Coming in November...the 'G' QI Annual

I haven't posted in a while, so here is a bit of news: a little peek at the new QI Annual, coming in November.

A gargantuan gallimaufry of G-ness that gambols gamely between Galaxies, Gods, Gravity, Gin, Gnus and Gravel--with all our favourites and some surprises--from QI's new BBC1 series showing this autumn:

* Clive Anderson on Gordons
* Rowan Atkinson's Gambling tips
* Bill Bailey's Air Guitar Tutorial
* Craig Brown's G-acronyms
* Jimmy Carr's Guide to Grooming
* Chris Donald of Viz on Geordies, Grocers and Garden Gnomes
* Chef Rowley Leigh's Greedy treats
* Golden Grahams by Graham Norton

...and Ronni Ancona and Rob Brydon in the next installment of their photo luv story.

Illustrational Genius from Jonathan Cusick, Cherry Denman, Ted Dewan, Geoff Dunbar, Beano's Hunt Emerson, Phill Jupitus, Spitting Image's Roger Law, Matt from The Daily Telegraph, Tony Husband and Nick Newman of Private Eye, Katie Scott, Adrian Teal, Robert Thompson, and more.

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