Friday, 12 December 2008

QI F Series Broadcast Dates

News just in, we now have confirmed broadcast dates for the rest of the F series. The Christmas Special will be broadcast on 22nd December on BBC1 at 21:00. The remaining ten episodes will be broadcast every Friday on BBC1 at 21:00 followed by an extended edition of QI on Saturday on BBC2 at a time yet to be confirmed between 21:00 and 22:00.

A full list of dates and times as they are currently know (with the exception of the Christmas special we don't yet know which show is which).

  • 22nd December 21:00 BBC1 (Fire and Freezing)
  • 9th January 21:00 BBC1
  • 10th January BBC2 (Extended QI)
  • 16th January 21:00 BBC1
  • 17th January BBC2 (Extended QI)
  • 23rd January 21:00 BBC1
  • 24th January BBC2 (Extended QI)
  • 30th January 21:00 BBC1
  • 31st January BBC2 (Extended QI)
  • 6th February 21:00 BBC1
  • 7th February BBC2 (Extended QI)
  • 13th February 21:00 BBC1
  • 14th February BBC2 (Extended QI)
  • 20th February 21:00 BBC1
  • 21st February BBC2 (Extended QI)
  • 27th February 21:00 BBC1
  • 28th February BBC2 (Extended QI)
  • 6th March 21:00 BBC1
  • 7th March BBC2 (Extended QI)
  • 13th March 21:00 BBC1
  • 14th March BBC2 (Extended QI)

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