Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Quite Interesting Society

Updating the blog has been quite difficult for the past couple of months, which I apologise for. However, I've had good reason to be too busy to write new posts. I have been very heavily involved in the creation of the Quite Interesting Society at the University of York. It is the first student society in the world dedicated to QI.

The Quite Interesting Society was launched at the event "An Audience With John Lloyd" where the creator and producer of QI was interviewed by an audience of over 250 students. The society has already been involved with research for the next series and amongst other activities will be taking trips to the recordings. QI speakers will also be coming to York to discuss interesting topics and there's a chance of one or two comedy gigs too.

Click Here to view QI Soc's website

And finally, a reminder that QI's B series DVD is released on Monday. Don't forget to pick up your copy.

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Eurojism said...

Great stuff. Your blog has inspired me to start writing my own quizzes. If any of your readers could give me some feedback on this effort, I'd be most grateful.