Sunday, 25 November 2007

Amazon Watching

Well it's now just 30 shopping days until Christmas. Obviously that means it's time that we start watching amazon's book chart's for QI's goodies. This year there's plenty to be looking out for too.

There's the Book of Animal Ignorance which is currently squeezing its way into amazon's top 30 as well as Justin Pollard's The Interesting Bits which is hanging around the top 50 mark. Meanwhile, moving into the top 20, last year's big hit the Book of General Ignorance has surged back up the charts to number 18. However, leading all of the QI books at number 15 and currently amazon's second best selling annual this year (sure to soon overtake the Guinness Book of World Records) is the QI's most recent release, the QI Annual 2008.

Of course if that hasn't given you an idea of what to put on your Christmas list then you've probably been far too impatient and bought all of them already. If that is the case, then be content with watching the world become that little bit less ignorant this new year by watching amazon's book chart.

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