Monday, 2 July 2007

The Comedy Box - QI News

The Comedy Box, something that you may have heard of already, is a new, soon-to-launch, Internet TV channel. Warner Music is launching the project as part of their attempt to diversify into new markets.

John Lloyd, QI's creator and producer, is working to secure talent for the new channel. There has also been a new board added on the QI forum for budding writers to post their ideas. Click here.

The exciting news is that the new channel will feature, in its opening line up, the QI News. It will be a "topical weekly spin-off from the popular BBC Two panel show". EDIT: The channel will launch in September (not at the Edinburgh Fringe as previously reported in the Times).

As regular readers will know, the QI website already has a feature called the QI Rolling News which has already proven to be very popular.

The Comedybox will be free to view and funded through sponsorship and advertisements.

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