Monday, 12 February 2007

QI's Live Online Quiz

This Friday will see the return of QI's Live Online Quiz. The quiz is run and organised by members of the forum and run on an external chat room. The quiz master changes each week. Since the quiz master has control over writing the quiz, the scoring and pretty much everything it's never exactly the same from week to week.

The quiz is loosely based around the show. Many of the questions will have klaxon answers that will lose players points. Scoring has usually been in the format: 5 points for first correct answer, 2 points for second correct answer and -10 points for a klaxon. However, that often changes, especially for harder questions.

A common theme has been for one round of questions to be posted on the forum. Answers are then sent as a private message to the quiz master, ensuring that those who are slow typers aren't at a disadvantage.

Anyone can join in with the quiz. If you want to then go to this link at 8:00pm GMT on Friday (16th February). The quiz will be hosted by 96aelw (aka Alfred) this week and Suze 2 weeks later.

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