Thursday, 18 January 2007

Introducing QI

Welcome to this blog all about the excellent TV show QI. I'll be bringing you everything that you'll want to know about it. I'll discuss everything from the recording of the show and the researching by the 'elves', to the QI book(s) and the club in Oxford. Plus I'll be able to bring you the latest in the interesting news stories from around the world as I post them on the QI website as a newshound.

If you're new to QI then find out more about it by clicking on the list of links to the left.

I'll be starting regular posts on this blog from the first week of February. Come back then!


Jazz said...

Hi, sounds great, can't wait, I've set it to my bookmarks! Good luck with it!

samivel said...

I shall be tuning in and signing up and whatever else is required. Good work grizzly!